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Boston and Back in 5 Days. 1 nap and then on to Colorado! Fall 2019

Hello! Thanks for reading this. There were so many happenings from Oct 1-Nov 1 that I couldn’t fit this into a post. I’m excited to share pictures and a few stories with you of my (close to) 5,000 miles driven, old friends seen and embraced and new friends made. I played 14 shows along the way and truly enjoyed every one of them. Long hi-way nights, magical shows, introductions, and reunions are what keep me on the road these days. It’s also really nice touring with my girl (who’s also my business partner) and pup (who’s not). Our van has seen many lives.

The month began with a visit from a long-overdue music stork. The nice man from FedEx brought me a beautiful, healthy, baby guitar!!

I cherished my last Gibson Jumbo. He played stages with me all over the world for the last 19 years. Unfortunately, he didn’t take too well to moving to Idaho and it’s dry climate and began cracking all over the body. Amy and I spent a lot on getting it fixed over and over. It was time to say goodbye. This is getting very dramatic.

My new guitar was something I dreamt about for a long time. Here you can see me almost scared to touch it.

I knew once I opened the box I would want to do nothing but play it for the next 40 or 50 hours. Alas, I had a gig in Utah with my friend, Steve Fulton, and we were leaving that afternoon. I play mandolin and trumpet for his project so I then said goodbye to my Love. Then I said goodbye to Amy and Gwyd.

We were home two days later, just in time for our friend, Lindsey Hunt’s, album release. She chose a 7 piece band full of powerhouse players. It was a privilege to bring my trumpet, mandolin, and voice to the effort. The show turned out to be a smash, adorned with face paint, costumes and belly dancing.

After the show, the celebration began, but not for this driving musician. I went home and finished up my final touches of packing. I hopped in the van and started my 12 hour run to Cheyenne.

I was hired to deliver a band van from Boise to Boston in 5 days. The van belonging to one of my new favorite bands, Eilen Jewell. This was a perfect opportunity to do a quick tour and also see my road family!

I made it through the night with the help of “S**** Town” Podcast and a lot of coffee. Wow, what a storyline! I digress. I rolled into Cheyenne just in time for a nap and shower before my first show. I was worn out but it felt good to play my first show with my new guitar:)

My warm hosts poured me a local whiskey afterward and I fell into a coma.

Over the next two days, I clocked another 1,300 miles.

*insert shortened rap video

I-80 through the windy midwest just in time to land in one of my favorite Nashville, little Nashville, IN. My dear friends put a cabin concert together, in the woods. These are my favorite kinds of shows, when there’s no mic or PA system...just kind, music lovers wanting a good story and a good time.

The next morning, I woke up around 7 am to start heading to Fort Wayne, IN for a lunch time show at Sweetwater. They’re an amazing music gear company and this was a hard show to get in. I left in plenty of time. Upon backing up, I bumped into something. The sound wasn’t even loud enough to get out and check it. I thought, ok, I’m sure there’s a small scratch on the bumper that I can buff out when the band gets back from tour. A couple of hours later, I arrived at the show telling myself not to look at the bumper. There was nothing I could do about it at the time, so just go have a good show, I told myself. When I walked to the back to the back of the van, there was no NOT looking at the carnage. The entire back window of this Mercedes van was gone! My heart stopped and my hand went over my face. My show was starting in 10 minutes…

Afterward, I found a glass company that could fix it at 7 am in Boston. I now had a 13.5 hr drive through the night with only an hour of stop/gas/food time.

It was a crunch since I was dropping the van off in Boston at 11 am. I made it through the night with the help of more podcasts and even more coffee. 6 am rolled around and I had one hour left. Out of nowhere, traffic came in from every corner...and it started to pour down rain. I made it into the city and somehow found myself coming out of a tunnel and on to a compact car lane. I was in a 15p van with only a couple inches to spare on both sides. Once I finally made it to the glass shop, I was completely fried. After handing the keys to the techs and I locked myself in the bathroom and just laugh maniacally.

I had two shows, with amazing audiences, in Boston. I LOVE Boston. If I’d stayed there any longer, Amy would have gotten a call saying pack up and grab the dog.

However, it was time to call the cab to the airport. Funny story though, my first two drivers that morning refused to pick me up because my giant (set it on fire and drop it off a building and it’ll be fine) guitar case wouldn’t fit in there compact-city cars:)

I made it home just in time to start packing my van and family up for the Colorado portion of the tour which was starting three days later. Time for a quick nap?

Amy and Gwydion are excellent traveling partners. Amy’s traveled the world and Gwyd was pretty much born on the road. Before moving to Boise, the van was our home for several months. However, touring is much easier when you’re not riding around with everything you own...sometime’s turning is an adventure!

We made it through the night (12 hours or so) and landed in Fort Collins for the first show. This was a special one for me. One of the town’s staple music venue was closing down. The Artery is in the hearts of so many upcoming musicians, sad to see them go. We put together a night of past folk artists performers with a surprise set from my former band, Edison. The night was a smash! It was good reconnecting with friends and fans. I was also introducing my new music. Most Edison fans know me as drummer and multi-instrumentalist. It felt amazing singing my songs for them. It was also my first time to play a keyboard on stage. It felt right at home like it always belonged there.

The next day we took off to Estes Park for a friend’s wedding. It was gorgeous and waking up in the van the following morning, snow was all around. I did miss Colorado!

3 shows in Denver that week led up to my favorite kind of gig..the house concert! I love playing music and sharing stories in this intimate of a venue. We always leave the show having made real friends. Our pals, Ryan and Jennifer did this one up right. Thank you, guys.

We woke up the next morning to a huge snow fall and started toward the mountains to see more family and stay in one of our favorite little Colorado mountain towns. The temp was down to -5 a few nights and only slightly warmer in the days. There were lots of fires and songs to be had!

We also spotted Santa Clause. Apparently, he lives in Colorado!

The tour ended pretty much where it began. On our way back to Boise, we stopped in Fort Collins to film Music Mondays Episode 29.

Over the month of Oct:

12 shows

Lots of new friends and fans

Over 4,000 miles driven

Memories of my traveling pack that I’ll never forget.

I’ve been on the road a long time. I love being on the road and all that comes with it.

See you soon in your neck of the woods?

Dustin Morris

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